Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ahhh... Texas

Well, there have been a few responses to my "stupid Texas" comment from my previous post. Okay, so, not ALL of Texas is stupid...

To convince myself, I've been thinking about the positive things Texas has to offer. Here's what I've got after several days of pondering (in no particular order):
  • Sunsets/Sky... truly breathtaking.
  • Nala. This is the state where Nala is from (probably).
  • Keto. Meeting Keto at the dog park and Laura adopting him is a cool thing about Texas.
  • The Morrows. Good friends DO exist in Texas!
  • Movie Taverns. These haven't taken off in SC yet, but they're fun here.
  • Good storms.
  • Wonderful churches. ( and
  • Apartment Life.

And, these are the things that I really can't stand about Texas:

  • Summer.
  • Traffic. (It took me ONE HOUR to drive 11 miles on my way home from work on Monday.)
  • The roads. Seriously, why is it so dern complicated!?
  • No good Mexican restaurants. (Surprising, isn't it?)
  • No beach.
  • Really far away from Charleston.
  • No Intercoastal Waterway.
  • No hurricane season. (See Disclaimer Below).
  • No county parks like Palmetto Island or James Island...)
  • Traffic.
  • One way 'frontage roads'.
  • Heat! (The guy on the radio this morning said it was going to 'cool down to 97 tomorrow'.)
  • Far away from SC.
  • Takes a LONNNNNG time to get to any family.
  • Traffic.
  • SWBTS.
  • No downtown Charleston.
  • No IOP Connector.
  • No shutting down when it gets below 30 degrees.
  • Highway 183.
  • Minimal trees/greenery/grass.
  • A/C is always breaking cuz it has to work too hard.
  • State inspections for cars.
  • Traffic.

I really think I could keep going, but as my lunch break is almost over, I shall get back to work.
Disclaimer: these are very specific to our part of Texas. I do realize that even today a hurricane is making landfall in Texas and that there are beaches in Texas... but that's all about 7 hours away.


  1. Hey you guys, sounds like the traffic patterns really have you down! Yeah, welcome to TX. Sorry about that.
    But I must challenge your "no good mexican restaurant" statement. Some of the best are the little ones on the corner. Sorry we didn't eat more tex-mex while we were together.
    Totally, totally amazing about Thailand. Keep me informed!!! I love you both - and Nala too!

  2. What about, "No plov" and "No Karl"?

    (how the heck do you spell 'plov' anyways?)