Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving... Somewhere

It's becoming more of a reality that we might be moving to Thailand. We really do feel that this is from the Lord. And we're definitely moving somewhere... cuz I resigned from my job today. We've also resigned from Apartment Life... and Matt has given his notice at Six Flags (not that he's disappointed about that at all!). So, in a couple of weeks, we'll be homeless and jobless unless Thailand works out. If not, we're heading to Charleston to be bums and live at home--with someone.

So, I'm pooped. I rushed home from work today to frantically straighten up the house and cook dinner. Thankfully, Matt went to the grocery store and helped straighten up. We invited a family from the apartments over. Now that we've been here for about three months, we're starting to build relationships and the ministry aspect of what we're doing is just really starting--ironic, really. We had the Gilpins over. He's from Sierra Leone, and she's from this area. They have two adorable children who ran all over our house for the last two and a half hours. Our apartment is definitely NOT childproof. And, when I thought that it would be sweet to have the little girl (about 18 months) play with Nala... she ended up eating some of the dog food instead. Just precious.

Thanks for your continued prayers about the Thailand thing. We've also appreciated the emails and comments. Keep 'em coming. :)


  1. Tricia,

    You demonstrate more faith with your actions than anyone I can think of.

    Move to Central Asia, move home, move to Raleigh, move home, move to Texas, move to... Thailand?

    You better get your palette ready for some seriously spicy food!

    I'm honestly a little jealous though. That's so exciting! And Thailand is a lost place, from the looks of things. Steph went for a couple of weeks in college, and she has some books about the culture there that I've perused.... sounds like a very joyless culture.

    Thanks for setting an example of being people of faith!

    Now, about that last comment on my blog... (what the heck?)

  2. Any update??? I check everyday.. can not wait to be apart of your adventure with God in Thailand...