Sunday, July 27, 2008

Texas, Seminary, Future

First of all, to ALL of our Texas friends: please, please don't take our previous posts too much to heart. The dramatics of it all was meant to be funny--not to hurt anyone's feelings. So sorry if it was a bit too much.
Our time in Texas has been wonderful in many ways... but the fact that we don't "LOVE" it here, probably shows more about our hearts than anything else. It has been hard to be content here... but contentment is in a lot of ways a choice. It's also evidence of walking closely with Jesus. Obviously, this is something that could use improvement. Enough of that...

Seminary. We came to the conclusion a long time ago that seminary was not for us. Definitely not for Matt. We've been chickens to announce this to our family because of pride issues. However, as we've gotten up the nerve to tell people, it seems that many people already knew this too: Matt and I are not 'seminary' people. Matt went to Columbia International University ( for his undergraduate degree and had an incredible education and an incredible experience. From an Interdenominational background, to a very 'Southern Baptist' background educationally was a challenge. But we stayed because it was free and we didn't really have any idea what else God might have for us. Seminary seemed like a logical 'next step' after college and for our first years of marriage. But as we've learned more about how God has made us, God has shown us that we will probably never work in a Southern Baptist church. We have more heart to work with the 'unchurched' than to be on staff at a church. I could go on and on and on about this, but the bottom line is that even if Thailand does not work out, Matt will not be continuing his Seminary studies (at least at a Southern Baptist seminary).

Here's where we are in the process of figuring out what God has for our future: We will always be students of God's Word--it's part of a relationship with Christ. We will always be in ministry, but it might not be vocationally or full-time. We feel called to be parents. We look forward to 'multiplying and filling the earth with the image of God' and the challenges and joy of parenthood. We want to love Christ more and more and to love people. We want to know Christ and make Him known... but we don't have it all figured out yet. Who does anyway? God probably mocks most of us who think we have the rest of our lives planned. I was reading Job 39 recently (over and over), and think it's pretty stupid to assume too much about God's plans: His ways truly are above ours. He's too Great to try and understand. Who are we to make too many 'plans'? (See also Proverbs 19:21).

You can all help us remember this when we struggle with control of our lives and contentment. Challenge us to holiness and humility before the Lord. He knows we need the reminders. :)


  1. We love you very much. I was being light hearted in my last comment. I am excited that you and Matt will be teachers and will pray for ALL things to fall into place.

  2. oh my I need to start reading this daily. so much has happened since I read the first one. God is really showing you guys things. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open, and I will pray. Love you guys