Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics, Part 2

The Olympics are interesting. I like to hear the stories of people and where they came from.
And despite what I wrote in my previous post, I have had some other thoughts on the Olympics. Melissa said to me, "Isn't that the point of the Olympics? To put aside our differences..." True, very true. Also, Pres. Bush addressed the issue in a recent interview that I just watched. The interview was interesting. Silly Bush said that there's nothing wrong with America--ha! But he also said that he's been taking the opportunity to talk to China about human rights, specifically freedom of religion. I like that...
Also, for the propagation of the Gospel, it's a very cool thing to have the world come together in one place... especially in a place like China.
So, instead of being all concerned about "History Repeating Itself", I'm just enjoying it. And, I've done more research and found that there have been tons of controversial places hosting the Olympics, besides Germany. Disasters and crazy Dictators don't always happen... just sometimes.
Go Team USA! ((Part of me can't believe I'm saying that.))

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