Wednesday, August 6, 2008

P.L.A.N. is a four-letter word

... That was the theme of my road trip to SC with Shannon. :)

We had a very refreshing time catching up and processing the last couple years of our lives. Shannon and I have a lot in common. We've both been student leaders in the Upstate ministry of CCC, we both went to Gatlinburg Summer Project, went on White Crescent Summer Project, joined staff and immediately went overseas. We served with lots of the same people along the way. We've had a lot of similar life experiences (pre-Crusade).

But we're different too. It was funny: when we were driving into the green-ness of the East, I was like, "ahhh... home!" She said she felt claustrophobic! :) It's all about perspective...

Which is why we both agree that PLAN is a four-letter word. I really think that when walking
with the Lord, we are called to a general calling: to a relationship with Him. As any other relationship, things change. We can have the best thought-out plans, but then something will happen (like you get kicked-out of a country or you have some kind of breakdown) that changes everything. Or you get married when you thought you'd be a single missionary your whole life. Or you don't get married when all you've dreamed of is having a family. Or you don't get pregnant when you want, or you do when you don't...

I really could go on and on and on about things that we got to talk about. The bottom line is that God was SO good to give me that time... I needed it more than I ever could have realized. There's something refreshing about talking with someone who knows where you've been. And who knows yoru heart without having to explain it--or try to.

Shannon and I also got to spend about 40 hours with one of the coolest families on the planet: the Renners! Emily is a precious friend to both of us, so we ate up the time just sitting around and talking (in between playing with Luke and trying to help get Olivia adjusted to her schedule). Girls, y'all are so special to me. Thanks for the special time last week!

We also got to see the Merediths, and I wish we had pictures of them! But you can link to their blog on the right and see pictures of Momma Jacq and her Banjamins. It was a blessing to see you as well, Jacq!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was so great seeing you and Shannon.

  2. You are too sweet Tricia. It was wonderful being with you and Shannon last week. I'm sure we could find space on our flight in Sept for you all..hint hint! :)