Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today at the Post Office...

If you're going to wear a Christian t-shirt, especially one that says in huge letters, "JESUS--the ONLY way to Heaven", then please don't be obnoxious in public.
This guy, wearing a t-shirt much like the one mentioned above, was RIDICULOUS today at the post office. You could see his "witnessing tool" from a mile away, and when he walked in the door and saw the line of people waiting for service, he huffed really loudly. (I am standing in the middle of the line, so at the complete other side of the building.)
After a brief 45 seconds of waiting, he starts to call out questions to the man behind the counter. "SIR, Do I HAVE to wait in line if all I need is a couple of stamps?" ... "How much postage will I need to mail this Christian cd to my brother?" ... "How much will it cost if I buy this envelope?" ...
I didn't catch the response of the man behind the counter, because the guy in front of me turned around and said, "Well, I guess JESUS is too good to wait in line... guess only those of us without divinity have to wait." I cringed. I'm still cringing.

So, again, if you must wear a Christian t-shirt, please don't be a public nuisance.


  1. VERY good point. If you wear it, you are sharing it. Make Jesus proud that He has you as one of His own...

  2. wow. makes me sad. but also is a reality check...what do I do that show's Christ in the way i talk even?