Monday, September 15, 2008

Meals in Thailand

Just wanted to give a quick snapshot of what the food here is like:

First of all: The picture here is of our kitchen--which hasn't gotten a lot of use yet. At home, we pretty much just make sandwiches or cereal or something easy.

It's much cheaper to eat out (which fits our lifestyle just fine these days).

There are two places that we frequent. And we go to at least one of them a day. One place is referred to as "Rose's" and the other as "Sombat's". These are names of people who either own the place or work there. They are both street vendor type places (for my Uz friends, a lot like an Osh-Hona).

We really like the food for the most part. Matt had something today that was too spicy for him, but that was a first. I haven't branched out to trying te spicy stuff yet. My favorite dish is garlic chicken or chicken fried rice or pad thai. One time, I tried a soup cuz I wanted something bland (for a queasy stomach), and it ended up making me royally sick! No more soup for me.

Another favorite food option is to walk to the nearby 7-11. They have breads and fun drinks and candy which is all pretty familiar to us (though you have to be sure and not get the corn and pea yogurt if you want yogurt).

On Sundays, we go to the American part of town and eat at very American restaurants. I've gotten breakfast at both places, and it's wonderful! A very nice Sunday treat for sure.

This other picture is of a cart-street vendor. They set up shop by the street on a little cart. Haven't been adventurous enough to try any of this yet, but I'm sure we will soon.

Other food highlights:
-fruit cost next to nothing, and my favorite fruit vendor sells it in a little baggy, already cut up, with a toothpick for about 25 cents!
-in Bangkok this past weekend, we ate Israeli food, something called a 'schwarma'--yum!!!
-there is an Uzbek restaurant in downtown Bangkok that I hope to go to soon.
-fruit smoothies in a bag are still a nice treat, as well as iced coffees or iced mochas.
That's all--just thought I'd give you more of an idea of what part of life is like here for us.


  1. Tricia, I ate Thai food here in WA for the first time ever a few days ago and thought about y'all. I got the pad thai (can't remember the spelling, but you mentioned it too) and it was pretty good. On a scale of 1-5 spicy, I got 0 spicy! Be sure to let us know if you start trying and liking the spicy stuff!

  2. schwarmas are awesome! I could totally go for one right now. Your kitchen is lovely and thai food is good, but I remember the grease factor. If you ever have soup again (why would you b/c you got sick) be careful of the cried and sweat b/c it was so hot. Thank you for being so honest and free about what's going on in your heart. It's precious to see God's story unfolding in your lives. Stephanie

  3. Corn and pea yogurt?

    Isn't that what we call 'baby food'?

    You gotta hit up the uzbek restaurant and send some picks!