Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Classes

Here's a picture of my (Tricia's) class, minus one student who hasn't shown up for the last 3 weeks. Here are their names:
Beb, Fay, Dream, Pond, Seven, MeeMee, Meen, MoMae, Nat, Yok, Max, Plagrim, Karoon, Pukboong, Junior, Mine, Manna, Gade, Golf, Praew, Mew1, Mew2, Jame.

Here are the names of Grade 2. Matt is still not sure which ones he will have out of this group:
Ploy1, Ploy2, Aom, Gigi, Sarang, Primer, Daonua, Kun (pronounced "Gun", boy), Kun (girl), Fay Fay, Daniel, Amy, Am, Angie, North, Web, Prim, Dena, Dome, Jingerbelle (pronounced Jinglebell), Mew, Pleng.

Other names in the school include: Nine, PeePee, Ten, Buddy, Arm, Dino, Head, Pinky. :)

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  1. woooooooooow, good luck with those names! and we though uzbek names were tough :) haha!