Wednesday, October 22, 2008

!Birthday Weeks!

Isn't that how everyone does it? Birthdays are celebrated all week, right? :)

Growing up, birthdays at our house were the BEST! You would wake up to someone attacking you with butter (not sure why, that's just what we did--mom can you explain that one?), go downstairs or to wherever the breakfast area was. The house would be decorated. There would be special breakfast. Maybe not presents but definitely cards and decorations... something that made it feel different than a regular day.

Sadly, as I'm growing up, birthdays don't seem so exciting. I still love them, but it seems that not everyone has the time to cele
brate all week with you.

I am definitely NOT writing this as a 'oh, sad' kinda post. I just thought I would reflect on some of my most memorable birthdays.

--sleepovers, skating rinks, money machines, 'raiding the pantry', jumping on the trampoline at all hours of the night (this is mostly for my sisters, Megan, Lisa, and anyone else from that era who may read this.) :)
--hockey games (middle school era)
--joint Sweet 16 parties with Maeg Ryan and Josh. Yes, note the PLURAL. We had a big dinner at Fonduely Yours for just mine... a joint bowling/driving the classic car all night party with Maeg Ryan, then a joint party for family with Josh.
--18th birthday was a huge blowout. we rented out a farm that belonged to some family friends and just had a huge cookout. i think over 80 people came to that--even some family from out of town. that was a blast!
--19 was fun... my first one at college. Mom secretly sent a box of deco
rations to my roommate. Steven took me out to a nice dinner, and we came back to the dorm room, which had been decorated and filled with friends and goodies! My roommate, Philly's birthday was the same week, so I think we kept the decorations up for like a month!
--21 was very memorable. I spent the weekend hiking up a daggum mountain. which for some of you is not a big deal... but I've been a big girl most of my life. I had lost a bunch of weight that year and decided to spend the day hiking up Table Rock with my best friend Ginger. We had such a great time, and it's definitely one of those trips that we always refer to. I'll spare you the details, but even though I had shed a bunch of pounds, I was still not in tip-top shape. But we made it, and it was exhilarating!
--22 was great! i was leading a Bible Study with a great group of girls. Some of them cleaned my entire apartment during the day, then we went on a mini-road trip to go to this really great Mexican restaurant. they had fun decorations, yummy cake, and just a good time! --23--Uzbekistan! this is one of my favorite birthdays too! I woke up, and my roommate, Debbie, had decorated the house, baked special muffins! We had only been in the country for a few weeks, so I saved a shirt to wear for my birthday (i.e. it still smelled fully clean)! the day was just really fun, and my team really helped make it special. Emily and Forrest made some great food, and we just enjoyed hanging out (picture), playing Texas Hold 'Em (my first time!). I felt very special. 24--awesome trip with friends and Matt to
Gatlinburg for the weekend! again, awesome.
(Picture to right)

Also dinner with friends in Raleigh at PF Changs, one of my favorites. :) (Picture below)

Okay, so I realize this is getting lengthy. I just wrote this all to say that I love birthdays! I hope I'm never one of those people who refuses to celebrate. I think it's fun to be extra-excited about life during the week of your birthday. :)

So, thanks so much for all of you who have helped make
this birthday week special!

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