Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Couple of Things

Hey All,

1-- If you are 'subscribed' to this blog and receive something entitled, "What do these things have in common?", please ignore it. It was deleted from the blog but apparently still went out in email form. Sorry about that.

2-- In case you are hearing about the political protests going on here... it's definitely worth keeping up with... but it's not affecting our daily lives here. Except for the fact that we were told not to wear yellow shirts for awhile... this is definitely nothing to be sorry about. Two days a week was a little much to begin with. In case you're interested in finding out more about the situation, here's a link: http://www.theage.com.au/world/troops-move-in-on-bangkok-protest-20081007-4viw.html

3-- Praise God for 4 giant-spider-free days-- seriously, I do!

4-- Prayer request: Compared to a lot of things going on in the world, I know this is very minor... but it has become a big concern for me. At the moment, I do not have health insurance. The company denied me. The school applied on my behalf twice and received nonacceptance letters both times. The school finally called to ask why and was informed that it's because of my weight. Well, the school then mentioned to the insurance company that there is another teacher here who is also a 'big girl' (well, I don't know how they worded it, but that's what we call ourselves)... so, the insurance company checked into it. Instead of saying, "Oh, you're right. Since we insure her, of course, we can go ahead and insure Tricia too." They said, "Oh, yes, we checked, and you were right. We will cancel her insurance today. No refund."

As I said, it is minor compared to so many other things, but it is a distraction at the moment (along with the economy in the US and the fact that paychecks don't seem to go very far.) I'm also feeling a little guilty for affecting our friend's insurance situation too. Please just pray that this would be worked out quickly and effectively for all involved.

Thanks for keeping up with us!


  1. Do I need to rough somebody up? I don't care if they're Thai... I'll go Jackie Chan on their buts...

    Just let me know!

  2. Oh Tricia! I'm so sorry to hear about this situation with your insurance! I will definitely be praying for this! God is sovereign, even in insurance!!