Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caedmon!

What is one thing that's worth losing sleep--lots of sleep--over? Kids!

Some friends from Charleston who live in another Asian country were flown here about a month ago with pregnancy complications. They already have two kids, Kate who is 3 and John David who is 14 months. Kelli started going into labor at 31 weeks, but when they got to Bangkok, doctors were able to stop the labor.

Kelli was in and out of the hospital this past month, waiting to be further along in pregnancy so that the baby boy would be healthier. The last 10 days or so, Kelli was out of the hospital and able to be at the hotel with John and the kids. As of yesterday, she was 35 weeks along. This was a huge answer to prayer!

Last night, around 10:00, we got a text asking if we were still able to be 'on call' to watch the kids when Kelli was ready to deliver. We said, of course.
Around midnight, we went to bed, texted them a reminder that we would have the phone on. Around 1:40, the phone started ringing. Yep, it was time.

Matt and I threw on some clothes and went to the street to find a taxi, which, thankfully, wasn't as hard as it probably should have been at that hour. We arrived at their hotel in 25 minutes-- record time. (Once when we had gone to babysit, it took over an hour and a half to get there!)

Anyway, Kelli and John left for the hospital immediately. At 3 or so, I texted to check on them. Labor wasn't too far along, but they still thought the baby would come today.

He did! I woke up at 6:30 am to a text saying "He is here!". Shortly afterwards, the other two kids woke up.

When I went in to wake up little Kate, she was already awake. She said, "you're here!" And I said, "Yep, do you know what that means?" Kate: "Mommy's having the baby!!!" Me: "That's right, actually he's already born." Kate: "I prayed last night to Jesus that he would come soon... so we can go back home. I prayed, and he came!" Me: "That's right, sweetie, God answered your prayer."

(John and Kelli had already told us about that prayer, and it was a sweet reminder to me of a child's faith and of God's willingness to answer our prayers.)

Then she started a long rant of things I could tell her parents had prepared her for: "when baby Caedmon comes out, he's going to be all bloody, but then they're gonna clean him and then they're gonna wrap him up and put a hat on him, ... and then Daddy's gonna come over here and say 'Kate, let's go see baby Caedmon.'" I cannot tell you what this was doing to my heart! Precious! Meanwhile, John David, the little man was standing up in his crib just a smilin' away!

I'll be less detailed about the rest of the morning... but you can see for yourself what part of it entailed. Be sure to notice the "I'm a big sister!" shirt. This girl was born to be a big sister! Enjoy!


  1. that is so awesome! I enjoyed that story so much and it was encouraging to see a little child's faith! I hope you're doing well, Tric! Miss you :)

  2. So glad you can love on and serve John and Kelli that way! I knew it was you guys he referred to in the e-mail announcement even without the names.

  3. That was such a great story Tricia! ARG, i'm a bad friend and missed your birthday. Happy belated!!

    Love you and hope you're enjoying yourself.