Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Many Seasons of Bangkok

At almost 11 pm here, it's 86 degrees outside. Having just come in from LifeGroup, our house still is still quite warm. We are not allowed to have the a/c on unless we are actually IN a room.

Anyway, thought it would be interesting to share with you about the seasons here.

Right now, in the States, leaves are changing colors, evenings are cool, and days are pleasant. This is my favorite time of year in the States because you can wear sweaters and flip flops at the same time and still be perfectly comfortable. Plus, it's just beautiful!

Even though it's almost November, it's quite warm here in Bangkok. To some though, it is 'summer'. The school is on a two-week break right now. Matt and I are teaching during this break, and it's actually referred to as 'summer school'. It feels weird. But, it's true. Last two weeks of October are 'summer school'.

Then, on the way to lunch today, we walked by a Toyota dealership. There are SNOWFLAKE decorations in the window. Snowflakes. In Bangkok!! Awesome. The funny part though, is that right below the snowflake decorations are flower decorations. It's like they were saying, "Yeah, we know it's never going to snow here in Thailand... so, here are some flowers to be a little more realistic." I got a kick out of it!

So, here we are. We hear about Summer and see Wintry Wonderland in the same day. Maybe Fall will show up eventually. :)
P.S. The picture above is from one of my favorite places in Uz... such beautiful Fall leaves!


  1. i thought i recognized that guy! ;)

  2. Heck yes!

    That's our boy Alisher Navoi (or however it's spelled)...

    I was stood up many time at that statue :0)