Thursday, November 20, 2008

4th Grade Prayer Requests

We do Prayer Requests every Tuesday morning and spend time praying together.

Here are some examples of ones that we pray for EVERY week:
  • Mine--pray for my dog to not bite my other dog
  • Seven--pray for my fish to not eat its babies
  • Nat--pray for Adam and Valerie (she always remembers that I asked them to pray for them during their engagement)
  • Karoon--pray for all the sick people
  • Jame--pray for Mr. Matt and Mrs. Tricia to have a baby
  • Dream--pray for Mrs. Tricia's baby to be a boy
  • Pukboong--pray for the ______ test (whichever test we have that week)
  • Seven--pray that we can go on field trip to Dream World
  • Meen--pray for week to go by FAST
  • Fay--pray for my sister and me to stop fighting
  • Yok--pray for break to come fast
Those are all that I can remember that really and truly come EVERY week. Aren't they cute?

P.S. As I was writing this, Mr. Matt came into my class to ask me a question. Dream said, "Mr. Matt, when you gonna make a baby with Mrs. Tricia for us?" Poor Mr. Matt. :)

Oh dear, aren't they cute?!


  1. Awesome.

    Maybe next they'll have a prayer meeting specifically for y'all to have some kiddos!

    Then you can move to Creedmoor and raise your family with us!

  2. That is hilarious! At least you know you are being prayed for lots by your students. :)