Friday, November 7, 2008

A Day of Many 'Firsts'

Last night, we got home at 10:30 pm from a day of lots of 'firsts'.

Our kids were dismissed early yesterday (at 3:00 pm) because the school was doing some heavy-duty mosquito spraying. We were looking forward to some extra time to get some work done. Then, we found out that everyone was supposed to leave the campus in order to avoid the toxic, illegal doses of spray.

We left with another teacher to go to a health clinic to do some stuff for our work visa. Our *first* visit to a Thai clinic. The Thai teacher came with us to translate for us, and since she was coming with us, we took a tuk-tuk. Our *first* time riding in a tuk tuk (picture to the right). It was fun! Not much less expensive than riding in a taxi, but for shorter distances, the tuk-tuk will definitely be my ride of choice. They can weave in and out of traffic much easier than a regular car.

When we got back from the clinic, it was 'spray time'. I felt like we were in a hazmat zone the way everyone was masking up. We left quickly and went to one of the local malls. It was really our *first* time just browsing around
some of the stores. We usually just go in to get what we need. Didn't do any major purchasing, just looking and that was nice.

We also celebrated one of the other teacher's birthday yesterday at a new restaurant. It was caled 'Santa Fe Steak'. Our *first--and probably last* time eating there. Then, we got our *first* desserts at the mall. I got a DQ blizzard, and Matt got some fancy cake from a real restaurant. It was the *first* Thai dessert he's really liked since being here. We also went to see a movie afterwards--our *first--and definitely not last* time seeing a movie at a theatre in Thailand.

Matt loves movies, so I'm surprised we hadn't been before. I guess it helped that we were forced to leave campus for a few hours. Usually, we're pretty content to be at home. But it was nice to be out. We saw "Max Payne" which has an NC-17 rating here. We didnt know that until after we got the tickets, but we both ended up liking the movie. The guy who talked us into going with him is a frequent movie-goer, and he wanted to see it. The theatre was really nice. The seats reclined a lot, and it felt clean. I think it was about $4 each... definitely better than seeing movies in the States. :)

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  1. I love it! I love that you had many "firsts" and that you took it all in stride and enjoyed it! Way to go! You beat me to the tuk tuk ride... :) Now that you are a pro, we'll have to take one to get coffee sometime!