Saturday, November 22, 2008

Matt and Henry

This is the first and probably only blog that I, Matt, will write.
So I teach Math to grade 2B. That is the only thing I teach them. Their main teacher, Ms. Amanda, has a stuffed animal monkey named Henry. Every weekend one of the students is allowed to take Henry home and they write a journal entry about the weekend and its all cute and fun and all the students love Henry.

Well one day I was walking around the room while I was teaching and I walked over to where Henry is kept and I picked him up and tossed him in the air and caught him. I did this very innocently, I was not trying to hurt Henry at all. Well the kids just freaked out and started yelling. So of course after I saw how upset they got I immediately put Henry down and apologized.....HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right!

I thought their reaction was kinda fun so I threw Henry back in the air again. This time they all screamed again but also jumped out of their desks and surrounded me trying desperately to save Henry from me. After I calmed them down and assured them that Henry was fine and that I wouldn't throw him anymore they all returned to their seats. Well of course I threw him up in the air again and caught him. So once again they all ran out of their seats and tackled me. I repeated this several times.

Later I discovered I could use Henry to get them to study their multiplication problems and do what I wanted. The next day I had a math bee with them. I had them all stand up behind their desks and I go down the line and ask each of them a math question and if they get it right they keep standing but if they miss it they have to sit down. Well I thought I could use Henry to help me motivate them to answer correctly. I informed them that if they answered the question right Henry would live but that if they answered their question wrong Henry would die. So the first few kids answered right and Henry lived for a while but then someone answered wrong and Henry died. After performing CPR on him though, life returned to him and he is ok now.

P.S. I, Tricia, walked by Matt's classroom yesterday afternoon and saw this craziness going on. I quickly grabbed the digital camera for proof. Enjoy!

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  1. This is the funniest thing that I've seen in awhile!!! But, Matt, you are evil for it!