Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Travels

No, we haven't done any traveling this November.

I'm just one of those people who remembers dates really well. And this week in history looks like this:

November 2004: Tanzania, Africa with Amy Ray, Millicent, and Ginger. We went with Africa for Jesus. An unforgettable 12 days of walking, riding bikes, taking buses, and more walking across Tanzania for the sake of the Gospel. We were protected from spiders, snakes, robbers, and anything else that could have gone wrong. God allowed us to experience worshiping with Massai villagers, baptizing fellow brothers and sisters in the Indian Ocean, rivers, and even ponds. Hundreds of people heard the Gospel during that trip--most for the first time. I ask that even right now, you would pray for those people. Pray that God would remind them of what they've heard about Him. Pray for the missionaries and other believers in Tanzania. Pray for God's word to continue to go forth.

November 2005: Skand, Uz. One of my favorite places on earth. Beautiful fall, fun visitors, new believers, great team. Learning the language. Falling in love with the culture. I had the pleasure of being in Uz much longer than 12 days. Seeing God at work there was beyond amazing too. Please take some time and pray for these people as well. Pray for the persecuted church but more importantly, for God's light to continue to shine in the darkness there.

November 2006: Romania and Budapest. This trip was very different for me. Instead of feeling led to go to a certain place for a certain ministry, I felt God leading me to go on this trip WITH MATT. I felt like God was calling me to marry Matt at that point, but he didn't know yet. This trip was kind of a 'fleece' for us as Matt had prayed for God to show him if I was the person God had prepared for him to marry during this trip.

It's a great story, but the brief version is that on our very last day in Budapest, as we were getting on different planes to go back to the States, I realized that I had misplaced OUR journal. It was a journal that we wrote in back and forth to each other over the several months we had been dating. Somehow in the midst of my crying and Matt digging through trash cans trying to find it, he suddenly KNEW. God answered that prayer! During the trip, we also got to do overseas ministry together for the first time, which was really special for both of us. Steven and Jerry were with us too, and we met some other great friends who we still keep in touch with. Some of them are back in Romania this week with Matt's grandpa's ministry again. Please pray for Romania as well. In a very different way than Tanzania and Uz, this country is very dark spiritually as well.

Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane. :) Thanks for praying for all of these people who are dear to me, as well.

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