Saturday, November 8, 2008

Overnight Camp

100 elementary students for 30 straight hours didn't exactly sound like too much fun.
Especially since I had forgotten, and it snuck up on me.

But it WAS fun!

It was a normal school day, which was filled with extra-energetic kids! Right after school, we started gathering them around to start a round of games. Each grade rotated through lots of activities. I got to lead a game of elimination which ended up being VERY fun--except that I really thought my voice would be gone for days after all the yelling I got to do!

After games, there was a meal. Then, we had a giant game of Hide and Seek which was kind of like a scavenger hunt. The kids were split up into colored teams and had to find the teachers in a certain order. Matt and I were decoy hiders, and we ended up just trying to scare all of the kids.
After that game, there was a giant campfire. Silly songs and games. Then roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and fish/sausage balls. This is when Mrs. Tricia and Mr. Matt took a break from the kids for a little while. Had about 30 minutes of down time in the staff room that was much-needed and helped prepared for the rest of the fun-filled evening. Around 10 pm, the Thai staff started helping the kids get ready for bed. This involved lots of kids running in towels to the school bathrooms to be hosed off (naked) by the Thai teachers. This weirded me out a bit. I wasn't prepared to see all of my kids running around in just their towels or undies.

Matt and I slept in the room with the 1st and 2nd grade boys. We didn't have all of them because a lot of them went home. And some of them went home later. We had LOTS of tears and hysterics at bed time... and some in the middle of the night. Good learning experience for both of us.

***I will tell you what did NOT happen last night... much to my fourth graders chagrin. There was no baby-making. Even though my fourth grade seems to be obsessed with the idea. I think this is because the teacher who taught them before me had a baby. It's cute, though. We do prayer requests every week, and there is always someone who prays that we will have a baby soon. Before camp, they were asking me where I would sleep. I told them I would sleep with Mr. Matt and the younger boys. Without hesitation, one of the girls said, "Will you and Mr. Matt make a baby for us?" *** Awesome.

Anyway, this morning: woke up, got ready, breakfast. More time away for Mr. Matt and Mrs. Tricia... a quick run across campus to home for freshening up, though no time for a good shower. Though it was much-needed at this time.

The rest of the day was team-building games. These were really fun, and some pictures are below. I really loved being with my kids outside of the classroom and getting to know them more. They are a really great group of kids!

The Human Caterpillars.

Lifting MoMae through 'The Web'

**Sorry there are not pictures of Matt's class. I had our camera.**

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  1. Seriously, I feel like i'm hogging your blog comments, but I love that you love what you are doing! I love that you use phrases like, "after all the yelling I got to do" instead of "after all the yelling I had to do". I think it's just the way that you say things that make it seem like a great thing instead of a bother. Way to have a great attitude! I'm glad it was great...we were praying for you! Sleep well tonight, friend! p.s. yay for 4th grader baby-making comments! ;)