Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Thailand!

Well, it began the morning of Christmas Eve for us when we had a Skype date with the Flagler family. We opened our presents from them and they opened theirs from us (it was the night of the 23rd for them). Thanks for all the fantastic gifts!

Then, we chilled around the house for a little while and then went to the airport to go pick up Jenna and Mimi from their couple of days at the beach. We came back to the house to re-group, then went to a drop-in that our small group at church had. It was fun to be with more friends and talk about what different people do Christmas. After the drop-in, we went to church for the Christmas Eve service at church. It was nice. Beautiful music and a short word about Jesus and more beautiful Christmas music. After the service, we went to Que Pasa for more snacks and drinks. We sat with a couple of girls that I didn't know very well, which was fun. When we got home, we were all pretty ready for bed.

On Christmas morning our time, we had a Skype date with the Tyndall clan. We opened our presents from them, and they opened most of theirs with us. It was fun. We got to see Nala Bean and all the other Tyndall dogs--and Mama Jones! Thankfully, we had good Skype connections for all of our recent Skype dates. Thanks for all the great presents, family! :)

While we were Skyping with the family, Jenna and Mimi were busy little elves in the kitchen and they made a very nice Christmas breakfast. We enjoyed French Toast, bacon, fruit salad and yogurt. After that, we exchanged presents between the four of us. That was really fun too. :)
After presents, we made our way to Siam Square in downtown Bangkok, which happens to be the biggest mall in Asia. We walked around there for a couple of hours and then made our way to Outback Steakhouse for our Christmas dinner. It was wonderful! More walking around after that and then we went to a local Thai market and walked around for a bit.

We headed home and had decided to get massages, but we couldn't find a place where we thought one was. So, we headed home and watched a couple of movies. Then, we had another Skype date with the Flagler/Powers clan while they opened their Christmas morning presents. It was really cool to feel like we were there, even though we were getting pretty tired at the end.

Matt and I both enjoyed Christmas in Thailand very much, but we are definitely looking forward to being back with family next year! This was our view of the family on their Christmas morning.This was Dad showing a huge cutting board that he got for Christmas.
You can see (from L to R): Steven, Gary, Grandpa, Grandma and Lauryn in the background.

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