Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Mrs. Tricia, I like your hair today...


Honestly, that's what I heard today from one of my very vocal students RIGHT after school today. Thankfully, Matt happened to be in the classroom to be my witness.

After asking her to repeat what she said, she said it again, "Your hair looks like crap."

Matt: "Does that mean the same thing here as it does in America?"

Me: (Laughing Hysterically.)

Several students: "Why is she laughing? ... Mrs. Tricia, you laugh so weird... What is so funny?"

Me: "Dream, please explain what you mean. What does my hair look like to you? "

Dream: "You know, like a spider. It have many legs. Your hair look like that..."

Me: "OOOOOh, you mean a CRAB. C-R-A-B."
(Still a little perplexed as to how my hair looks like a crab)... "Thank you, Dream."


  1. that is funny...seriously made me giggle...it might make me giggle all night :) thanks for the laugh!

  2. hilarious! um--I'm thinking you should post a picture of your hair-get-up so we all can be the judge if it's looks like "crap" or a "crab". Haahaa.... I <3 your students---they are so funny!