Friday, December 19, 2008

Night 1 of the Christmas Program

I've been quite cranky lately. I think it's a combination of missing family and friends, being tired and feeling overwhelmed. This teaching thing is busy, busy--especially this time of year. I won't go into all the whining that I wanted to write about last night.
Instead, I will report that after getting a little bit of rest and an attitude adjustment from the Lord, I had a great time tonight at NIGHT ONE of GES's Christmas Program. (K1-Grade 3 did theirs tonight, and Grades 4-12 go tomorrow night--whoa!).

The Thai staff (with a tiny bit of help from us) transformed our campus into a beautiful atmosphere for the Program tonight!
Here's the basic agenda for both tonight and tomorrow:
-Part 1: the 'church program' with songs and narrations from each of the grades.
-Part 2: a Thai buffet outside on the soccer field.
-Part 3: the "Big Stage Show" where each class does 1 or 2 songs/dances.

It was all very well done, and it was fun to see all the little kids enjoying tonight!

I'm going to post a ton of pictures on Facebook, so you can look through the album here, even if you don't have a Facebook account.

I'll also do a separate blog or two with some videos. Enjoy!

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