Monday, December 1, 2008


Whoops, I realized I haven't written in awhile, so I thought I'd give a quick update about what we did for Thanksgiving weekend.
Thursday was pretty uneventful. School carried on as usual, but we did eat some good American cuisine for dinner (McDonald's). And even had dessert at Swensen's. I lost my cell phone sometime that evening which was a big bummer. But, in some ways, I'm thankful that it lasted as long as it did. I lost like 5 phones in Uz.

Friday was Pay Day!!! We went out with a bunch of the teachers to a pub in downtown Bangkok. It was nice to be away from campus and enjoy hanging out.

Saturday, we slept in, bummed around for awhile and then started cooking. It was my first time cooking here in Thailand. First, we had to go to the store, which didn't have everything I needed for the green bean casserole. No canned green beans. No french fried onions. And it took forever to find 'wooster'.

But, we did eventually find all the necessary items and headed back to the house. We started snapping the green beans and cooking them, but couldn't figure out how to turn on the stove--it's funky. A friend came over and showed us how to do it, then, we realized we didn't have a can opener for the cream of mushroom soup. Ha! So, after putting some ingenuity to work, we made some small openings in the cans of soup and were able to pour them over the cooked green beans into the casserole dish--- Oh wait! Nope, we didn't have a casserole dish. We made do with some recycled pie tins... so the green bean casserole turned into green bean pies. The green beans cooked down A LOT, so it didn't make as much as I thought it would.

We transported our little pies to a friend's home (pretty much a mansion) in the American part of Bangkok where our small group was celebrating together. A girl from GA had brought french fried onions from home, and she let me use them to top the 'pies' once we got there.
Everyone else is much more experienced at cooking here, and all of the food was fabulous! We had ham, turkeys, casseroles, pies, breads, desserts--all the fixings of a traditional Thanksgiving--people had even thought to bring cans of cranberry from the States. :)
After eating lots of good food, we hung out around the pool for awhile. Some people swam, but it was a little chilly for us. It was just nice to sit around and talk.

Sunday, we had our second Thanksgiving celebration with the GES staff. Everyone brought a contribution to our house, and we had a very successful Thanksgiving dinner here as well. After everyone ate, we sat around and sang Christmas carols for at least an hour. It was really fun, actually!

Matt and I are both getting kinda sad that we aren't home during this time of year. Please know that we love all of you, family and friends, so much, and we look forward to being there with you next year--if God wills!

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