Monday, December 8, 2008

A Very Different Weekend

We didn't have school on Friday--in honor of the King's 81st birthday! This freed us up to enjoy the weekend a little more. Usually, we just end up sleeping in, taking naps, and doing school stuff.

This Thursday night, we hooked up the Wii at a friend's house after playing Texas Hold 'Em for a little bit. It was fun to be able to play the Wii for the first time since being here. We now have a lot of people hooked, but it kinda stinks that it stays at their house. (We still don't have a tv for it at our house.)

Friday, we slept in, did school stuff, and then enjoyed the evening with Kristen and the kids. They had carolers come and visit after dinner while we watched Cinderella II. I think their 3 kids are finally getting used to having us around. :) (BTW, you can get to their blog from the list on the right.) Also, in the movie that we watched, there was a scene where the king gets launched from an elephant... hilarious!

Saturday, Matt watched Dan and Kristen's kids, and Kristen, Ro (and Jaya) and I went to Chinatown to do some shopping. This was my first time really on a shopping outing here, and I took full advantage. I got some good gifts for friends and family at home and some Christmas decorations and small gifts for my class. Chinatown was INSANE! It was packed but fun. Definitely worth the bargains.

(You can see from the picture how packed it was. Streets were hard to walk on as it was, but then a car would drive by and we would have to scrunch!)
Pic on the right: My shopping buddies.
Baby Jaya was the star of Chinatown for the day.
I carried her around the first couple of hours, and she was so so good!

Pic on the left: me with my Thai-style pose and all of my goodies from the day, waiting on the water taxi to take us home. (It takes about an hour to get to downtown from our school when there's traffic, so the water taxi is just as long but at least it's always moving).

The rest of Saturday, we hung out at Dan and Kristen's for a few hours (avoiding another toxic mosquito spray at GES with some other teachers). Then, Matt and I went to a new mall in town that we had heard a lot about. First, we just walked around all 8 floors soaking it all in.
Then, we purchased a few little things that we wanted/needed.
And then we ate at a new restaurant, Au Bon Pain. I think I remember eating at a few of these in Europe. It's kind of like Panera. Soups and Sandwiches, desserts and fancy coffees. I loved my Broccoli and Cheese Soup in a bread bowl and think that it might be my new favorite place to eat here. Matt had a turkey and stuffing sandwich. He liked it, but I don't think he loved it. When we got back on Saturday, we stayed up until 2 am talking on Skype with Ginger and Steven. Every time we get to talk with someone from home, it's like we get recharged. We miss you all so much!

Sunday was pretty normal. We went to church, but then we did something different--and wonderful! We went to a place where I could get my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure (all for less than $8). I hadn't had a pedicure since July 4th when Ginger and I got one in Texas. My feet were in desperate need, and they did a fantastic job. Check out the detail! Yes, there is a snowman AND a Christmas tree on my toenail.

Then, we ate at our normal Sunday lunch place, Que Pasa. Here are some pics from the animals who live there. Matt and I pet the giant lizard thing, and it felt really scaly.
Then, we just chilled at home for a little while.
In the afternoon, we had to sing a song at the Thai church.
Then, we did some grading while watching FRIENDS.
That's what a normal Sunday is like, at least.

The night ended with the drama of killing a GIANT spider.
I really, really hate those things!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all so informed. I love reading about your life. I would also love to catch up on skype sometime. We will have to plan a date. :)
    Love you guys!

  2. Ha ha ha...

    Getting people to actually leave and comment and say "hey, I read what you spent an hour writing 'cause I care about you" is like getting them to RSVP for something... I don't get it.

    Sounds like you had a good ol' weekend!

  3. That pose of you with the bag reminds me of the scary mannequins in the store windows there.

  4. sounds like an event filled weekend! but sounds like would be fun to get to experience all that with you. your toes looked great and i love the snowman and christmas tree!! you're too cute