Monday, December 22, 2008

Videos and Part 2

Well, I know the videos aren't long, but I hope you'll get some idea of how the evening went. It was a lot of fun and very beautiful. I might post one more tomorrow, but I've been uploading videos for 3 hours, so I'm ready for a change of scenery.

The 2nd night was definitely not as fun. Our friend, MiMi, arrived in the afternoon, so we had to leave her to go hang out with Grade 4 during the church program. They did really well, but I spent that hour going back and forth with them to the church and the classroom and telling them, "Shhhhhhhhhhhh". When they weren't singing, all the other classes were waiting in the classrooms or right outside the church. I think at some points, the kids right outside the church (none of mine, of course) were louder than the speakers inside the church... sad.

After the church program, the buffet thing happened again. The food was not as good as the first night either, bummer. But MiMi and another teacher's mom, Vicky, ate dinner with us, which was nice. The program started a lot later, and there was no Thai dancing. Grade 4 went first, and they did a great job!

We sat through a couple more songs and about three skits that you couldn't hear or understand, and then we excused ourselves. We went back to the house and got comfy. Vicky went to bed, and the rest of us started a movie. We left in the middle of the movie to pick Jenna up from the airport! It's so fun having friends here from home!

They left this morning after a yummy brunch at Que Pasa. They flew down to the beach for a few days. Matt and I spent a couple hours walking around the market picking up a few things to take home.

Now, Christmas Break has officially begun!

picture Album of Night 2 is available here.

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