Monday, January 5, 2009

Custom Jewelry--A Plug for a Friend!

One of my very favorite details from our wedding was--and still is-- the necklaces that I and some friends made for my bridesmaids, with earrings to match! They were made of purple and silver glass beads and crystals. I loved them because they were so unique and handmade. My Mom's lifelong friend, Mrs. Judy, did most of the work as a gift to me, so they were even more special!
You can see the necklace and earrings pretty well in this picture. This was the famous moment when Valerie couldn't get Matt's wedding ring off of her thumb (for real!). It was so funny, and I can't wait to get back at her in a few months! :)

This picture is better for seeing the jewelry. This is Matt with our 3 beautiful sisters:

Why am I talking about these necklaces? Well, one of my best friends from college, Amy Ray, is now turning her hobby of jewelry design into a side business. She also teaches high school math. She makes her own glass beads and pendants by glass-blowing them and then turns them into jewelry or other unique pieces. Check out her work at this website! If anything looks interesting to you, let her know. She can also custom-make the beads and/or jewelry for you by request. I have been keeping up with her stuff, and it looks amazing!

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  1. Tell her she should hire me to make her a pimped out website!