Saturday, January 10, 2009

Games Day and more of our first week back...

I forgot to mention that Matt found out on Tuesday that he's now teaching 1 hour of high school computers every week. This will be interesting...

We also found out that summer school (which we're expected to be here for) lasts until May 15. After a couple hours of panic, we discussed it with our administrator, and it looks like we will still be able to leave when we first planned--if not earlier. It's all still in the works, but we'll let you know what happens.

Friday was Games Day--our second and last one of the year. We also had one in October. The one yesterday was so much more fun for us, even though I think the actual games were better last time. Anyway, here are a few pics from the event.
The students are divided into four house teams:
Ruth wears red; David wears green; Moses wears blue; and Esther wears yellow.

I was in charge of musical chairs. Definitely the most boring of the games, but it worked.

And the day ended with a huge tug-of-war challenge and water fight.

I didn't get too many pictures because we're back to having only a 32MB memory card for our camera. Sadly, something went wrong with the one we got for Christmas.

We ended the week by going to see "Yes, Man" with a bunch of other teachers. It was really funny, so we recommend it. There was one part that was yuck, but overall, a good movie.

Have a good weekend!

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