Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009 / 2552 !

Happy New Year from Bangkok!

We had a great night celebrating with Dan and Kristen and their kids. Matt, Dan, and Jack all played DS games while Kristen and the girls and I got to chat. Then, we ordered in pizza and enjoyed that together before the kids watched a movie and then the adults played a game-- Cities and Knight of Catan, which is Settlers PLUS+++. It was so much fun. Unfortunately, Dan and Kristen won both of the games that night, but we'll hope that's not the trend for the whole year.

Right at midnight, we turned on the countdown here in Bangkok (which is 12 hours ahead of the East Coast), toasted with yummy sparkling apple/grape cider, then enjoyed some of the fireworks around town from their balcony.

On New Year's Day, we bummed around mostly (I think I read 2 books), and then we went to dinner and a movie downtown with Mimi. Movie theaters are AMAZING here, and it makes me wonder why we pay so much more in the States for the same movies with less than half of the atmosphere. That was only our second movie here in Thailand, but we're going to have to do more while we're here, since they're so cheap. (Less than $3 for new releases, reserved seats, and lay-back chairs.)

In 2009, we look forward to moving back to Charleston and getting settled! I had some good time of reflection with the Lord yesterday and realized that I have moved 22 times since graduating from High School. Craziness! And quite exhausting. So, hopefully, once we do move home, the Lord will allow us to put our roots back down there for awhile.

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  1. Sounds awesome! When are you coming back?

    FYI: I'm still waiting to get my hands on that CD so I can get it in the mail to y'all :0(