Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shave and a Haircut

Matt was getting pretty shaggy and decided it was time for a shave. Unfortunately, his electric shaver here blew up a little while back. His beard was too long to try and shave it with just a razor. On Tuesday night, kinda out of the blue, we decided to go to a nearby salon/barber shop so that he could get a shave.

On the way, I decided to get my hair trimmed too. So, we walk in to the place, and we explain what we need. (We asked a Thai teacher for the essential words right before we went.) The sweet Thai lady washed my hair (with at least 4 different cycles), and then trimmed it. She started to blow dry and style it, but we didn't want to be there too long, so I told her she could stop. The whole process for me was about 15 minutes... tops.

Then, it was Matty's turn. She took him back, washed his hair (3 different cycles), then it was his turn for a cut. We found a picture in a magazine that we liked. Sweet Thai lady spent no less than 30 minutes cutting his hair. I would think she was done, and then she would start again. So, then, he had a really sharp haircut but a thick, bushy beard.

And, the shave was the reason that we went there anyway, so we asked her to give him a clean shave too. Before we knew it, she started going after his beard with a comb and some regular scissors. A nicely done trim. Then, he wanted to leave only his goatee, so we explained that (mostly with hand gestures and pictures), and she said, 'no problem'. Next thing we knew, someone brought a straight razor out from the back, and she just started shaving. No cream. No nothin'. The sound was pretty painful, but Matt said it didn't hurt at first. I was amazed that she could do such a good job (no nicks or anything) with a comb, scissors, and a razor blade. His total time in the chair was 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Here's a picture so you can see the final touch. It's a couple of days worth of a shadow, but you get the idea.
Isn't he handsome? :)

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  1. Holy Cow!

    If I just shave with cheap shaving cream my skin freaks out...

    And I always have a bad first shave after wearing a beard for a while.

    I'm very impressed...

    You must have yourself a very rugged man there!