Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stay Updated with Ginger

Ginger is now on the Africa Mercy, somewhere in the Canary Islands, I think. She's started a blog for this adventure, so if you'd like to keep updated, check out: her blog.

Praise God for safe travels and lots of joy and excitement so far!

Here's a brief update from an email I just got:
New people are arriving everyday. There are somewhere between 300 and 400 on board now, and more will join us when we arrive in Benin. There is a hair stylist on board and you can get free haircuts! Also a free seamstress, dentist, and crew clinic! ... The starbucks here sells lattes and mocha's for something like 50 cents! All the coffee is donated from starbucks! How cool is that!!! :) [Another good reason to justify spending money at Starbucks... some of it eventually makes it to Mercy Ships! - Tricia]
Oh, thanks for the blog shout-out! That was so sweet of you! I won't be doing any heart surgery, though! :) Mostly eyes (which I've never done!!!), cleft lip/palates, orthopaedics, and tumor removal stuff. I'll keep you updated on that! All the other OR nurses seem well experienced.... I'm definitely the youngest I've met so far (by like 30 years!) I'm sure I will learn so much from these women!

Okay, since she now has a blog I can point you too, I'll stop giving a play-by-play of Ginger's experience, but I do hope you'll check out her site every once in awhile. :)

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