Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tricia's Travels

One of the other teachers here recently did one of these posts, and I thought it was so cool. So, here's mine.

Below you will see a world map. The highlighted parts are where I've been so far. (According to the map, 10% of the world). Very cool.

And now, some pictures from some of these countries:

My first (and only) SOLO international trip was to England when I was 15.
This specific pic is from another trip... but Big Ben nonetheless.

The Rock of Gibraltar, between Spain and Africa. Very fun place!

A Spanish village near Nerja. Very fun to explore!

Uzbekistan. My favorite. :)
Mom and Emily visited in Uzbekistan. Uz gets two pics cuz it's my favorite!
My team in Paris after we got kicked out of Uz. The best time I've ever had in Paris.

In Russia. We had to wear head coverings in the mosque.

At the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Love that place too!

A Kyrgyz Yurt!

All right, that's all the pictures for now! I'm missing several, but you get the idea.

God is amazing! His world is so big and yet so small!


  1. Who's that handsome redhead you found in France?

  2. I love it Tricia! Dan wanted me to try and see if he could beat you with his travels, but all he did was tie you :) Way to go on travels all over the world and thanks for posting fun pics!

  3. You've got one percent on me. It's interesting to see where are different green concentrations are. You've got more Europe and America and I have a lot of Asia. Glad you were inspired. I love it :)