Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Cocoa Caffe Yen (Iced Chocolate Coffee)

... where would I be without this cup of goodness?

I asked one of my students today how he would describe me to his PenPal. He said, "coffee".

Last week, I overslept and did not have time to walk down the street to get one. The sweet coffee lady gave me her cell phone number and said I could call her anytime. She would make it special for me (not as much ice) and bring it down to the school for me. Matt said I was only allowed to do it three times a week. I've only done it once so far.

Every time I yawn in class (surprisingly, often), the kids say, "you need caffe cocoa".

Sometimes, Matt will surprise me and bring me one. I get so excited... it makes day! The kids all clap for him when he does it too. They're so cute.

Seriously, though, 16 Baht (less than 50 cents) for this big cup off bliss? This is definitely one thing I will miss when we go home in May.


  1. Is it that yummy sweet milk they put in that iced orange tea? YUM!

  2. Yeah! 'Cause that yummy cup costs about $5 here... and more if you want soy milk :0)

  3. I would describe you as "sweet coffee" =) what cute kids you have!