Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Field Trip to Safari World

On Tuesday, Grades 2 and 4 went on a field trip to Safari World. (A very hands-on zoo on the other side of Bangkok.) It was awesome! And definitely extra fun because Matt and I got to go with our classes together.

We loved it because our classes were wonderfully behaved, albeit slightly crazy. Plus, the park is just really cool. We'd like to go back and be able to spend more time there. As it was with 46 students and 3 other teachers, we didn't get to linger at any of the animals as much as we would have liked.

Some of the best parts of the day were:
  • Feeding bananas to giraffes! As in, touching giraffes! It was so much fun! (Pic above).
  • Hanging out with the elephants. (This will never get old, I hope.) (Pic above).
  • The dolphin and beluga whale show.
  • Getting kissed by a dolphin.
    (I was called on stage to get kissed by a dolphin during the show.) (Pic below).
  • Feeding the birds. (Very reminiscent of our honeymoon trip to Discovery Cove.)
  • Hanging out with the kids in a different environment.
The not-as-much-fun parts were:
  • The hour and forty-five minute drive in Bangkok traffic to get there, even after being at school an hour early to avoid the traffic.
  • Matt getting pooped on by the fun birds we got to feed.
  • The risque orangutan show.
  • The hour drive back to school. (Even though it wasn't really that bad.)
I'm putting up some pictures here of the day, but Matt has uploaded 2 albums to Facebook. You can look at them by clicking the links below (even if you're not on Facebook).
You can also check out Miss Amanda's post about our fun-filled day! We were glad to go with another teacher who enjoyed the park as much as we did. :)

P.S. Comments, please! :)


  1. haven't had enough of elephants yet, huh? =) Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! luv the pictures. Gotta say it's hilarious that Matt got pooped on by birds though...gotta laugh at that =)

  2. Thanks muches. I had so much fun with you guys too. Lets see if we can field trip it up again :)