Friday, February 13, 2009

Grade 4 Pictures and Randomness

This week in Grade 4:

1. Seven was absent, which made for a completely different class!
I'm not sure if I missed him or not.
2. We had class pictures.
A little disappointed that Seven was missing.
3. We had a class party for Valentine's Day.
4. At least one class was disrupted for giant spider-killing.
5. I thought it was one of their Thai teacher's birthday.
It wasn't, but at least the decorations made her feel special.
6. We received our Pen Pal letters, which is ALWAYS a hit!
(In the picture, you can't even tell how much Karoon loves his dollar!)
7. In Science, we are learning about our bodies.
This prompted Mrs. Tricia to make up a song...
... with motions to help them remember things.
Not sure where that came from.
But I think they'll remember the stuff.
As long as I can keep the motions straight.
8. Prayer Requests continue to be pretty consistent.
pic of #5...
You can see what "Happy Birthday, Kru Mameow" looks like in Thai.

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  1. the kids' prayer requests are just about my favorite thing you post