Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grade 4 Students... Part 2

Here's the 2nd batch of kiddos for ya.

This is Meen. He is really cute and funny. He tries hard and has great parents to help him along. He's also a golfer and spends most of his time outside of school golfing. I like him a lot and hardly ever have any problems with him anymore.

This is Babe/Beb. He's a little roly-poly, and that's a lot of his appeal. He is so cute, and he's so tender. He likes to come up to my desk and tell my random things all the time. Like, "Guess what, Mrs. Tricia? My family went to the mall yesterday, and we got to eat ice cream." Awesome, Beb! He's not the smartest, but he tries, and I really appreciate that about him.

Gade is new to GES this year, with her twin brother, Golf. That means that this is their first year at an English school. Gade has grown sooo much in English and learning this year. She has gone from not talking at all to raising her hand to ask questions. She even has a best friend in the class now which really makes me happy. So sweet.

Golf is Gade's twin. Haven't quite figured him out yet. He's a little bit awkward, and I've wondered if he should be tested for some kind of syndrome. He twitches a lot and every once in awhile squeals because he gets excited. He's quiet, but he's working hard.

Seven oh Seven. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Seven. I appreciate him for his individuality, and I am thankful for his humor... but, I definitely do NOT appreciate his non-stop energy and his failure to listen to me. He lies to me constantly about doing his homework. He also lies about things his mom 'says' in order to get out of doing things. Though, on the occasional day that he makes up his mind to try to do a good job, he really does.

This is Dream. She's a handful. When she is in the right mood, she is a great student, but that's not the norm. She's very talkative and dramatic. She's bigger than a lot of the kids, so she frequently pushes them around. She definitely keeps me guessing... and laughing. Much like Seven.

Round 3 will finish it up next time.

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