Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Jesus Film... and Grade 4

My friend, Karl, is on staff with a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ called the Jesus Film. He sent us a package recently (collective gasp for those of you who know Karl... love ya, buddy!), and the Jesus film in Thai was one of the exciting goodies.

This week, my class has been watching it... in about 30 minute segments. After every segment, I have students write sentences about what happened.

Here are some examples:
  • Jesus make the bride (meaning blind) man to see again.
  • Jesus make the bad ghosts go from the gross man into the pigs. I liked the pigs better.
  • Jesus make the sins of the bad girl go away.
  • Jesus told the dead girl to come up, and she came up.
  • An angel told Mary she would have the baby.
  • Jesus cried so hard the blood came out of his eyes.
  • The friend of Jesus cut off the soldier's ear.
  • Jesus put back on the ear to the man's head.
There are many more, but those are some of my favorites. Pon was actually very disturbed by the fact that Jesus sent the demons into the pigs. He liked the pigs better because they seemed happy, and the man just seemed crazy. :) (Story in Matthew 8:28-32)

Today, we finished the Jesus film, and I was praying that hearing and seeing Jesus's life and the Gospel in their own language would bear fruit. It did. One student, Manna, whose family goes to church, invited Jesus into her life today. She shared with me that this was the first time she understood and wanted to give her life to Jesus. Praise God! Yok (wrote about her earlier) and Nat (also wrote about her earlier) both confirmed that watching the video helped them understand even more about what they believe. Again, Praise God! Fay also shared with me that she had given her life to Jesus before but that the video helped her understand more. She started crying when I asked her about her faith, and she said she cries a lot because her parents 'believe to Buddha and not to Jesus'. (I had no idea she was a believer.) Precious heart.

It's been a week of frustrations for me, but watching the Jesus Film with my students helped to get it all back into perspective. I'm here to share about Christ's love with them. Hopefully, they'll learn Math, Science, and English along the way too, but ultimately, God brought us here to share about Him. Even though most of them are excellent English speakers, it was SO important to me that they hear God's Word and a clear Gospel presentation in their own language. I can see that it was even more fruitful than I thought it would be. God truly is amazing and will accomplish His purpose, no matter what I do --or do not-- do.

Please continue praying for all of my students. Even though these 4 girls are definitely believers, they are the only ones in my class of 23. Karoon, MoMae, Pon, and Gade are names of other students who I believe are starting to understand the Good News. Pray that the seeds in their hearts would one day bear fruit... even if it's years from now.

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  1. Tricia!!! I know you the teaching aspect of being at GES is frustrating, but it is amazing to see that God has brought you here and given you a heart for your kids. You could have a really bad attitude and just be counting down the days until you guys are finished here, but you are making the most of them and Him, and are glorifying God by it! Praise God that He has given you this great heart and love for your kids, even if it isn't easy being here!!!