Saturday, February 7, 2009

Matt's Birthday... Cake

The desserts here in Thailand have been very disappointing overall. They use different kinds of butter and flour and oil, so everything tastes very different. Matt always says how much he is looking forward to good desserts in the States when we get home. Matt also LOVES birthday cake. It's his favorite dessert, so I wanted to make sure he had a good one for his birthday.

After several emails and some phone calls with a local restaurant that makes cakes, I figured out the perfect cake for Matt:
A double layer cookie cake, with lots of icing in the middle and a good amount on the top. We settled on a fair price, and I was hopeful that it would really taste good.

They had never made a cookie cake before, much less a double-layer one, with icing. But it was definitely worth the risk. We stopped by the restaurant on the way to Dan and Kristen's to pick up the cake.
It was on a really nice platter.
(They asked us to bring it back when we're finished with it.)
It was huge.
It looked like it tasted good.
But "birthday" was spelled wrong.
Hilarious! Happy BRithday, Matt!

It really is yummy though! In fact, Matt and I are about to have a piece right now. There is plenty left over, and we are thankful for that!

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  1. that is hilarious! i looked at the picture & caption before reading the post and thought you had made the cake and spelled birthday wrong, i laughed, but it's still hilarious they spelled it wrong, hahaha, love it!