Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Grade 4... Part 1

This is Nat. She's a sweetie but can be pretty sassy every once in awhile. She loves Jesus and has a sweet spirit that I could learn a lot from. She's a smarty-pants and is good at pretty much everything... including P.E. This is what sometimes gets her into trouble.

This is Pukboong. I have to kick her out of my classroom at the end of the day... she would probably stay until 7 pm if I let her. Haven't quite figured her out. She keeps me guessing. She likes to talk about how 'soft' I am. There is a video of her on Facebook that makes me laugh.

Praew. Not much to say about her. She really perplexes me. She hardly ever talks unless she's not supposed to be talking. This past week, we have been learning songs for devotions, and she doesn't even open her mouth. When I called on her to sing individually, she just gave me a blank stare for a long time. Maybe one day I'll figure her out.

Mew. This is Praew's best friend, but Mew is much more vocal. She's kind of silly but very serious about her school work. She does just enough to get a very good grade, but I'm sure she's capable of much more. She likes to know that she got the highest score on a test. She usually does.

Yok is one of my favorites. She's very shy and reserved in a respectable way. She's very much a leader in the class. She's awesome in P.E. and pretty much everything. I am thankful that she is in my class! She recently gave her heart to Jesus.

Oh, Karoon. He still is one of my favorites, even though he claims to hate me. He's very soft spoken and timid in class and even most of the time when I see him around campus. He tries hard in most things, and I appreciate that a lot about him.

The rest of them will be continued later...

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