Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing our Nala Bean

Even the worst Thailand day would be turned around completely if Nala Bean were here with us. We miss her so much... it's quite ridiculous. She is the perfect dog, and most definitely the perfect dog for US. It stinks to be away from her right now, but at least Aunt Laura keeps us pretty well-stocked with pictures of Nala and Keto.

We are trying to work out living together when we get home because we're just not sure that we can separate the two. They've become best friends!

Nala naps are the best,
and Aunt Laura seems to enjoy sleeping with Keto AND Nala! :)
Laura actually got Keto in Texas.
This is Keto and Nala last March, when Keto was living with us.
He's MUCH bigger now! :)

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