Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Full and Wonderful Valentine's Day

Matt's Valentine's present... cupcakes!
And some treats from Steph's package. :)

Our day started with an hour ride to downtown (only because of traffic).
We shared a thing of corn on the cob that Matt bought from a street vendor.

Then, we got downtown, to the mall, but spent at least 30 minutes finding the right mall with Outback. Our Outback lunch was wonderful, complete with yummy drinks and good 'lovey-dovey' conversation.

After Outback, we walked two malls down to where the aquarium is. Ocean World is on the bottom of one of the malls.
It was a great aquarium, but we are glad that our friends had given us passes to get in.

We loved spending most of the day at the aquarium.
We like aquariums a lot...
have had a couple of special dates at aquariums...
and our wedding reception was at one!

This car was turned into a fish tank...
they also had refrigerators and washing machines turned into fish tanks. Cool!

But this was the coolest part-- a Happy Feet, Happy Fish massage!
For 400 Baht (about $12), we both got to have our feet in this tub for 15 minutes.
These fish (can't remember the name) eat the dead skin off your feet.
I'm pretty sure my feet were like a Thanksgiving feast for them!
After you get out, you get a leg massage too! Wonderful!

After the aquarium, we got snacks at Mos Burger.
(We didn't love it, Kristen, but we're glad we tried it.) :)
Then, we walked around the mall in search of yummy dessert.
Found some and enjoyed some fancy coffees with them too! :)
We also walked around the mall for awhile.
On one floor of the mall, they have car dealerships.
Not just any cars, though... pretty much just fancy ones. :)

And on the top floor of the mall is a movie theater.
Apparently most of Bangkok wanted to see a movie on Valentine's Day.
We joined the masses and saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic",
which we both thought was pretty cute.

We walked around more downtown afterwards and found a taxi to drive us home.
I think our special 'date' lasted over 11 hours...

What a wonderful Valentine's Day together!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a fantastic day!

    Enjoy that stuff while you can! It'll be another 6 months or so before Steph and I can go on a date that long... if we time everything perfectly, we can get away for about 6 hours without Josiah having formula for two meals in a row....

    I've heard of those pedicures... Did it tickle a lot?

  2. Hi Tricia! I'm Kristen's sister-in-law so I peek at your blog every once in a while. I have to know--how did the fish foot thing feel? It weirds me out to think of fish eating my dead skin but I think it would be the easiest way to get rid of all of it!

  3. I was just reading something online ab the fish that eat dead skin to treat Eczema. That is so crazy that you did it.