Monday, March 16, 2009

At a Loss for Words

So, I joined some teachers for a dinner out tonight. While eating, we were thumbing through the Bangkok Post. The headline of one of the front page articles read, "Black Magic Politics." Hmmm. Looked interesting, so we picked it up and looked through it.

The article described a recent ceremony that many of the political leaders of this country attended. Here is just a brief excerpt: As a symbolic return of past looting, chunks of banknotes passed hands during the rituals to pacify the spirits of [Thaksin's] past-life enemies. Meanwhile, the names of his foes were written down on paper and burned to ashes to put a curse of death and destruction on them.

Thai politics is not only about political one-upmanship through money, power and guns-it is also about the battle of black magic.

Whoa! It's a little terrifying and heartbreaking, isn't it? The article also details other parts of the ceremony, who was there, and some history about black magic in politics.

My response? Sadness. Must. Pray!

P.S. Click on the title to go directly to the article.

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