Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day in the Principal's Office

This past Tuesday was a crazy day in that I spent two hours in the principal's office. During prayer requests on Tuesday morning, Mine shared about a flier that had been given out about her. I didn't fully understand the situation, but we put it on the board and prayed for God to work in and through it. I was planning to ask Mine about it later that day, but while I was frantically trying to finish putting together their last final test, I overheard conversation between the principal and one of the Grade 6 teachers.

I walked over just to hear about it because I could tell that it was really important to Mine... then it turned out that I needed to be involved.

The basic facts are that there is a group of 6th grade girls who really pick on Mine's older sister, Mew. Mew is a pretty easy-going girl who lets most of it roll off her back, but Mine (in my class) is not. She takes things personally and sticks up for her sister, probably more than she should.

Some things happened last week between the 6th grade girls and then with Mine and Dream (also in my class) that helped to escalate the situation. Last Friday, one of the 6th grade girls wrote an email to most of the 6th grade students really talking badly about Mew and Mine. The end of the note included threats to them and included a death threat for Mine.

When Mew and Mine's mother saw this email, she kind of flipped. It wasn't known at the time, but she had apparently been trying to meet with the teachers and principal for a long time about this 'feud' in grade 6. The email was the last straw.

She wrote up something to the effect of, this is a great example of the type of student who attends GES. Look at the excellent grammar and personality of the students. This is a wonderful testimony to the parenting of [student's name--we'll call her Minnie]'s mother. For parenting advice on how to raise excellent children, contact [Minnie's] mother at [address and phone number given].

She made over 100 copies of this, along with the email [Minnie] had written, then hired people to stand at the school gates and hand them out on Tuesday morning. Whoa!

The Grade 6 teachers and the principal had their hands full working on that for most of the day. Since my students weren't so directly involved, I only had to spend two hours in the office listening to the different points of view and stories that were involved.

I'm still not sure how it all got worked out, but I'm continuing to pray that everything is diffusing and that forgiveness and grace will prevail, showing Christ to all involved in this situation. To my knowledge, none of the people involved are believers, but I'm not really sure.

Needless to say, I did not finish getting the final test ready for my students, so they had an extra day to study, which it turned out they desperately needed.

The whole situation was nothing that I could have seen coming but a great reminder of life beyond the classroom for me.

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