Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeling Adventurous

With only two weeks left in this beautiful country, we have decided that we would really regret it if we did not make it to Chiang Mai. It's considered the 'cultural capital' of the country. I'm thinking it's like Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Not the actual capital but definitely where you go to understand the culture.

So, we went to the bus station today and bought tickets on the night bus to get us there! We'll leave tomorrow night and come back here (from the night train) on Saturday morning. Then, we'll pack again and head south for the beach!

This week we'll see more of Thailand than we have all year, and we're really excited about it!!


  1. You guys are crazy and I'm very excited you get to go to Chiang Mai! That's really where Dan wants to go sometime while we live here (he's been there, but the fam hasn't)! Have a blast!!!

  2. Love that city! Don't miss the night market. Amazing deals. I also loved the Orchid Farm not far from there (on our way to ride the elephants naturally).