Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun Awards in Grade 4!

Award for:
Having the Best Smile: Beb and Praew
Having All the Girls in the Class Like Him: Boom
Asking to go to the Bathroom: Fay
Having the Biggest Poo-Poo Eraser (it's a Thai thing): Dream
Having the Best Eyes: Gade and Golf (the twins)
Asking Permission to Go Drink Water: Jame
Being Late to School: Junior

Having the Best-Looking Hair: Karoon and MoMae
Getting Hurt in P.E. Class: Manna
Being Gone Somewhere on Vacation: Max (who, ironically, was on vacation)

Bringing in Gifts for Friends: MeeMee
Having His Shirt Untucked: Meen
Asking to Borrow a Pencil: Yok
Hating to Run Laps in P.E. Class: Mew
Forgetting His Homework: Seven

Buying Snacks at School: Mine
Always Laughing: Pon
Spending the Most Time in the Classroom: Pukboong
Doing Everything Really Slowly: Plagrim
Sharing a Prayer Request: Nat

By the way, they all voted on these instead of me picking the winners for all of them. They really enjoyed it, I think!

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