Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting Things Done

As of this moment, we have only 17 school days left (of the regular school year). Crazy!

With that in mind, this past weekend, we hunkered down and got some work done. We went to a nearby mall on Friday night, ate dinner, then got comfortable at Starbucks to grade papers. We took over a big table and 5 chairs in order to spread out our stuff.

Our stacks of things to grade were huge, and we made quite a dent in the 3 hours we were there. But we both got antsy before we got everything done, so we saved some for later. We spent Saturday cleaning the house and babysitting for some friends. We mixed in a little bit of school work too.

Sunday, we overslept and missed church but were very productive with the rest of the day. I finished my monthly evaluations, wrote my March newsletter, and got a ton of grading done while watching movies. Matt was even nice enough to grade a Math test for me when he finished with his stuff.

Now, it's Monday evening. We had a brutal Monday filled with finding out lots of things that are due within the next few weeks. So... lots of the teachers went out to a BBQ restaurant. I had never been, but it turned out to be really good.

Thankfully, we have a Teacher Workday coming up this Friday. We have SO much to do!

By the way, there's a possibility that we will not have to teach Summer School, so we might be able to be back in Charleston earlier than we thought!

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  1. What??? No summer school, possibly? Will someone be taking over for you instead?