Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grade 4 Students... Part 3 and Final

Boom (on the right) is the new kid. He came from another international school on the other side of Bangkok. He has an older brother and sister, which makes for a pretty big family in Thailand. Most of my other students are only children. Boom is very respectful and fun. I'm so glad he's at GES for the last couple of months of school.

Junior. What can I say? He's bright, but he truly reminds me of an awkward chipmunk. He's a little of socially, and from spending time with his family outside of school, I can see why. He's 10, but he acts like a 3 year old out in public. He cries often in P.E. class. Often. This is very challenging for me but probably good for me.

This is Pon. He varies greatly from day to day as well. Most days, he comes to school on time, prepared, and in a great mood. Other days, I wonder what must have happened to him at home. He's very sweet, and definitely one of my favorite boys. Though he can be just as rambunctious, he is always respectful when it comes down to it.

Max baffles me sometimes too. He's very quiet and reserved, except with the boys. I think he's the secret ring leader of the boys in the class. He's always whispering to them and keeping them entertained. He misses a lot of school because he goes places with his aunts, uncles, neighbors, parents, cousins' friends, etc. Keeps me busy grading make-up work and keeping up with his missed assignments.

Manna. Well, most of my kids are turning 10 this year, Manna turned 8. She's so smart though and is on the same level (if not above) most of the class. Her parents seem to be pretty strict with her and push her to excel, which is kind of unusual in Thai culture. The goal is usually to be 'average'. She's really sweet and has a soft voice. When she talks to me, I almost always have to ask her to repeat herself.

MeeMee cracks me up! She is SO vibrant and full of life. She is almost always one of the first ones at school in the morning, so she keeps me in the know about goings-on. Her laugh is so loud and out-of-control... I love it! I am really going to miss her a lot.

Mine is a bit of a mystery to me. She seems to be the favored child as she has an older sister who is not nearly as spoiled. Mine often comes to school with a new hairstyle, new bag, new something. She used to be incredibly prissy and sassy, but that has toned down a lot so I really enjoy her now.

Jame is a very unique kid as well. His voice is more like a squeak which makes him difficult to understand at times. He has a nanny who waits on him hand and foot, which i feel like he expects me to do sometimes as well. He's a good student when he wants to be. On days that he's comprehensible, I enjoy him. Other days, when he asks to go drink water 50 times, he drives me insane.

Fay is so fun! She's so bouncy and full of energy. She's an average student, but she's very social and talkative... usually at the right times, which I appreciate about her. I recently found out she is a believer, and she is starting to be more open about her faith.

Plagrim is an odd bird. She's extremely bright but very unsociable. She's very nice, and I've see her improve some, but she always comes across as rude when she talks to people. She's also almost always off in never-never land. :)

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