Monday, March 9, 2009

A Hot Weekend

We had a great weekend which followed a Teacher Workday on Friday. It was great to be able to have an entire day to work on getting things done. Matt and I put a worktable in my classroom, put some movies on and plowed through grading, making study guides and exams, and catching up with Lesson Plans. It was a productive day, and I could definitely use a few more of them in the next couple of weeks!

Friday night, we went over to the Seamans', which we hadn't done in way too long! We got to have dinner with them, hang out, and play Cities and Knights of Cataan. We love that game and having fun friends to play with! We even did a Starbucks run, which made the night extra fun.

Saturday, we slept in a bit, then went on a shopping adventure with Amanda and Kristen. It was a very hot day to be out at a market; more specifically, it was 96 outside, but the heat index felt like 103. And it was not just any market. Chatuchak happens to be the largest flea market in the world. I think it was even part of Amazing Race a couple of seasons ago.

Anyway, we have been there several times, but this was a trip with a purpose. We wanted to buy things to take to friends and family at home... since we only have a few weeks left. I won't spoil the fun and say what we got, but it was a successful trip and a fun time with friends.

One of the highlights of the day was definitely the fruit smoothies that we got about halfway through our 2.5 hours there. Middle of the day heat + squeezing through aisles full of Thais + battling the language barrier while trying to get great deals + the heat + lots of walking + the heat makes one tired and in need of refreshment. So, the coconut/pineapple smoothie (aka virgin pina colada) was a great treat! The other girls got strawberry + orange and just plain orange. Those looked yummy too.

After the shopping trip, we came back and chilled around the house, then went to the mall for dinner, then went over to Chris and Ro's to watch a movie. We watched The Boondock Saints, and though the plot was interesting, the film was pretty gross. I don't recommend it.

Sunday, we went to church, ate at Que Pasa, came home and took naps, then did laundry and school work the rest of the day while watching movies at home. It was a good weekend!

This last picture is from the bridge we went over to cross the street. JJ market is to the far left, and it goes on for quite a while. You can see all the cabs waiting by the market to take tourists and locals home after their shopping.

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  1. that sounds like an adventurous weekend! i hope i get to come visit you in Charleston when you get home!!