Saturday, March 7, 2009

Note to the House Geckos

Dear House Geckos,

I would like to thank you for keeping my heart in good shape. Every time I go to throw something away in the trash can and you jump up out of the trash, it gives my heart a good jolt. Each time I see you scurry across the floor or wall, I jump a little bit but then breathe a sigh of relief that you are not a giant spider. Thank you for that.

Thank you also for keeping the bug population under control at our house. Sometimes it's fun to watch you eat the bugs--I only wish you would eat more spiders. I also really like the noises you make. It's kind of fun to imagine what you are talking about.

Remember that one time that you fell from the ceiling just missing Matt's head? That was funny, but I thought it was weird that all he said was, "huh, a gecko just fell off the ceiling and barely missed my head." You must have enjoyed that too.

I'm also thankful that you know your limits for the most part. Thank you for mostly staying on the walls or floors. Those few times that you have gotten on top of my dresser or on the couch were not so fun. We would not want to accidentally sit on you and have a dead gecko sticking to our butts.

Another thing that I don't necessarily appreciate are the poop pellets that you leave around the house. I used to think they were some sort of weird mold or bugs, but then someone told me that it is, in fact, your poop. This is a little gross, my gecko friends. Especially if you are sick and your poop has worms in it. Sometimes, I see them crawling across the wall. It was interesting when I didn't know what it was, but now that I know... it's just gross.

In order to keep our relationship as amiable as possible, could you please try to only poop when you are outside? If we could agree to that, then our little living arrangement would just be fabulous.

Thanks again,


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  1. Tricia,
    How is your gecko friend doing with the arrangement?
    thanks for the prayer.. doing very well now..