Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pajama Day!

Thursday (March 5th) was Pajama Day at GES. I had to get a little creative since I didn't bring any appropriate "cutsie" pajamas here. It turned into a bit of a tacky day as well. Even so, it was very nice to be in comfy clothes all day at work and to be silly with the kids.

Pajama Day did hold a surprise: As soon as I arrived at my classroom at 7:30 am (on time actually), there was a woman waiting to introduce me to her son, my new student. Oh, okay. A new student 3 weeks before school gets out. Sure, I'll babysit your kid. (No grades, no uniform... just supposed to keep him busy.) He seems like a nice guy though, so let's welcome Por to Grade 4!

It was fun seeing the kids in their pjs all day. We did classes as usual. Playing kickball in PE was cut short, though, due to an afternoon downpour. So, we watched Blue Planet instead. Kinda seemed fitting to be watching a movie since we were all so cozy, and the rain was pouring down outside.
We didn't do popcorn, but maybe next time.

All in all, pajama day was very fun, and it was a great way to end a short week! We had Friday off for a much-needed Teacher Workday.

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