Monday, March 16, 2009

Tigger Tyndall

It's been an off week, and I might update more on that later, but for now...

This weekend, Mom wrote an email updating me about all the furry Tyndalls. It was fun to hear that she and Dan and Val had ALL the four-legged members of our family while Laura was on Spring Break. I'm sure it was a full house with Tigger, Lisa Belle, Tori, Keto, Nala, and Daisy running around. I was glad to hear that my 16-year-old cat, Tigger, was holding his own with all 4 dogs in the house.

Last night, Matt and I watched Marley and Me, which we bought the other night. I bawled my eyes out... I mean hysterically crying. It's such a sweet movie but so sad at the end.

And this morning, I woke up to an email telling me that Tigger had died. So sad! And it makes the tears shed over Marley and Me have more meaning now.

Now Tigger has joined his sisters, Cookie and Bambi, in the place where four-legged family members go after they die. I'll miss him.


  1. Tricia,
    It's Dan's mom. So sorry for your loss. Sure appreciate your friendship with our kids.