Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chiang Mai, Part Two

After our very full day on Thursday (I forgot to mention that we also spent a couple hours at the hotel pool, playing with little Johnny and some other MKs), we just wanted to chill on Friday. (Plus, we didn't want to spend any more money!) So, we just hung around the hotel, got laundry done, ate our meals at the hotel, etc.

We stayed in our hot room, with the fans running full blast, while watching CSI (some of the videos that we purchased at the night market).

We spent a lot of time going through pictures of the trip and picking out some of our favorites.

Late in the afternoon, we packed up, checked out, and headed out for a bite to eat. We had a driver take us to the Night Market area so we could grab some food, then we headed to the train station. We were excited to try traveling by train!

On our way to the train station, we saw this guy driving with his daughter on the motorbike... she's sleeping. This is actually a pretty common Thailand sight, but we hardly ever have our cameras out and ready. She seemed to be sleeping very well while her dad (I assume) weaved in and out of cars on the scooter.

We arrived at the train station with plenty of time to eat there, grab some snacks for the ride and then get settled in our seats. They were the kind of seats that were benches but then folded together to make a nice sleeping area. I liked the train so much better because we could spread out. While the bus was a little too cold, I could have used a little more coolness on the train (the jacket came off soon after the picture was taken). And, if I ever travel across country by train again, I will be sure to pray ahead of time for the people who sit with us. We shared our small space of 4 bunks with 3 guys from Canada who spent the first few hours drinking, talking quite loudly, playing cards, and talking quite loudly. While they were talking loudly, they frequently used words that make me laugh when Matt says but made me shudder to hear coming out so frequently from their mouths. Company aside, the train was so much fun, and I would do it again if we had more time and money to go somewhere else.

We got into Bangkok at 7 this morning, making it a 13 hour train trip. Definitely longer than the bus but you get better sleep since you can lay down. :) Now, we are doing some laundry, uploading pictures, making some calls, (and writing this blog). In a couple of hours, we'll repack then head to the airport for our beach vacation! I know I sound so spoiled right now, but please know that we are both VERY thankful that we get to travel and are proud that we saved up enough by not traveling all year in order to be able to do this. :) Can't wait to update you about the beach!

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  1. Yay travelers!!! I'm glad you guys had a good time and got there - so, so fun! Can't wait to hear about your big beach trip!!!