Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final Days in Thailand

Well, it just so happens that our last two final days in Thailand are major holidays. Sunday was Easter. We made it to church (a little late), then celebrated with a sorta random group of people with lunch at Paul and Joni's house.
After lunch, I really wanted to get my nails done one last time, but I couldn't find a place that was open. So, we headed back home for some packing, cleaning and CSI watching. We also napped. Matt went to a friend's to watch a movie, and I spent a significant amount of time following the protests here in Bangkok.

Monday was the beginning of Songkran, which is the Thai new year celebration. It celebrates the beginning of the rainy season by having huge water fights. As we were out and about today having lunch with the Seamans, we got to see a lot of fun Songkran activity. People have 'booths' set up with lots of water, water guns, buckets, and stashes of flour. I don't understand the flour, but they put it on each other, on cars, motorbikes, and everything, then douse that object with water... making it kind of like glue. Very interesting and fun to watch! If we hadn't been so distracted by all the last minute tasks, I would have loved to play more.

So, in between packing and cleaning today, we had lunch with the Seamans at McDonald's, then ice cream at Swensen's. So great to be able to spend more time with them... we are going to miss them so much! More packing, last minute stuff, then another visit from the Seamans who brought over a DS we had left at their house. They took some things off our hands, and we got to pray together before they left. Such sweet friends!

After more packing, we had a yummy dinner at Chris and Ro's house with the McLatchers and Tuggys. I'm also really glad we got to have some good time with them. Baby Jaya is now 7 months old, and it's crazy to think that she wasn't even born when we first got here. And Baby Joel is now 6 weeks old... his mommy was barely showing when we got here. Time flies!

After dinner, we had our check out of the house. Pretty uneventful except for the giant lizard that we found in one of the guest rooms. I have no idea how long he's been in the house. I think I've heard him the last couple of days, but this was the first time I saw it. Huge lizard!

After our successful checkout, we went to see 'Fast and the Furious 4' with Tiffany and Tyler. Nice way to pass some time.

Currently, we're watching CSI, throwing some last minute things together, and waiting until 3:30. So, in a little over 2 hours, we will haul our 5 gigantic suitcases out to the street and meet up with the other teachers who are riding with us to the airport. As far as we've heard, the protests are not affecting the roads to the airport. Thank you, Jesus!

Soon, we'll be flying out from Bangkok to Tokyo, then to Los Angeles, then to Washington DC, finally arriving in Charleston around midnight on Tuesday night. Can't wait to see some of you there!

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